What new powers for Scotland?


As Lord Smith starts work on reviewing what new powers should be devolved to Scotland, TFN asks you what you want to see

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25th September 2014 by Susan Smith 20 Comments

In 2012, an Ipsos Mori poll commissioned by the the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations revealed what powers people believed should be the responsibility of the Scottish Parliament (see results below). At that point there was an appetite for only defence, foreign affairs and international development to stay within the control of the UK parliament.

Do you agree now? Please complete our quick poll to tell us what areas you think should be within the power of the Scottish Parliament. Please also leave a comment below to let us know what you think.

This survey, which was embedded below, is now closed. View the full results.

In 2012, Ipsos Mori found the following.

Housing and homelessness 80%
Welfare and benefits67%   
Employment law64% 
Energy policy64%
Economic policy57%     
International development45%
Foreign affairs32%

25th September 2014 by Morag Campbell

Devo max would have been my choice if that option had been included in the referendum.

26th September 2014 by Thea McMillan

as the carer of our daughter (who has complex needs) we would welcome complete devolution, so that decisions could be made close to the people they effect: this would enable real engagement and involvement from people who understand what is needed

26th September 2014 by Marion Mawhinney

There are now huge concerns about validity and legality of the referendum. This survey monkey should be shared as widely as possible. Promises made by Westminster are no longer credible. Scotland needs control of Scotland.

26th September 2014 by Carol Douglas

All tax should be devolved as should all fiscal control. We can make a per capita contribution towards defence but we must be able to negotiate on our own behalf in EU.

26th September 2014 by Neglected corner of the third sector

IT is great to see TFN and as an extension SCVO run this poll. But it is testament to SCVO and TFN's love-in with the poverty agenda in Scotland at the expense of the rest of the sector. Whilst devolution of welfare may indeed be a huge part of the future debate what about the devolution of advertising legislation to tackle tobacco giants or jun food; or the devolution of health and safety legislation which is steadily being eroded by Westminster; or the devolution of employees rights which will soon be a thing of the past?Are we to spend the whole of this debate listening to SCVO and TFN backing the poverty industry of Scotland's third sector at the expense of the rest of the sector?

26th September 2014 by David McColgan

I think a discussion about what should be devolved to Holyrood is important however the discussion needs to go further than this.Devolution isn't only from Westminster to Holyrood but from Holyrood to local authorities and local authorities to communities.People forget that whilst the SNP campaigned with one hand to remove Scotland from the powers of Westminster they were, with the other hand, removing local powers in policing, fire and rescue and holding local authorities to ransom over the income tax freeze.So let's not kid ourselves that the solution lies in taking power from London to Edinburgh because all that serves to do is empower Edinburgh. Let's talk about seriously empowering communities in Scotland at the same time.

26th September 2014 by Felix Spittal

Great to see comments being posted here and people engaging in the debate. I'm helping collate views from the third sector on what priorities we have , which powers are needed to address them and how we can involve people and communities in discussions? Please send any comments you have to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) . Thanks!

26th September 2014 by Sally Millar

I'd like to see a review of all powers. In many cases, decisions (good and bad) that affect delivery of services to individuals & families are made by local authorities, not by Holyrood.So I agree with earlier comment that we need ti look at empowerign local communities (oh hey - isn't there a current Bill / Act on that?). Oh and Planning - right of appeal for communities is vital!

26th September 2014 by Alister Rutherford

It is not enough to just put down tax as an option. Do you mean income tax or the full range of taxes? What about other revenues - excise duty, oil and gas? I favour something similar to the powers that the provinces in Canada have. This is all tax and revenue raising powers. In some cases, e.g. income tax and sales tax these powers are shared by the Federal and the provincial governments.

26th September 2014 by lou mcloughlan

No taxation without representation.Westminster's 3 shades of Neo-liberal is not enough.

26th September 2014 by Andrew Scott

I can't see any other permanent workable long-term solution than independence, which, in the 21st century is, of course actually interdependence. It would be perfectly possible for Scotland to be fully independent and to closely collaborate with the rest of the UK on macro-issues through perhaps forums like the British & Irish Council. It seems to me that this is the only way to satisfactorily resolve issues such as 'English votes for English laws' / West Lothian Question and that looked at objectively with goodwill on both sides this could work.

26th September 2014 by John Gallagher

I think we need as much power as possible. We need to be able to run our own affairs in the way the people of Scotland decide.

26th September 2014 by Steve Brannigan

The only areas we should still share with the UK is foreign policy and the armed forces, and these should be set at our population ratio, ie 8.3% of the costs of running these. all and every other power should be devolved to the Scottish Government

26th September 2014 by Andy Fletcher

Here's some ideas to add to the pot: 1. Rather than tax being raised in UK and funds being handed to Scotland, it should be the other way around with all Scottish taxes being raised in Scotland and a portion being sent to the UK. Payslips should show how much was taxed for which fund. 2. All broadcasting and press in Scotland should be overseen by Holyrood. 3. Banking in Scotland should be regulated by Holyrood who would have powers to, for example, prohibit dangerous banking practices like those which caused the recent crash we're still recovering from. 4. Power to create an Oil fund to save for the future -- which can't be touched by Westminster. 5. Power to create a retail bank which is controlled by Holyrood and underwritten solely in Scotland.

26th September 2014 by Lynda Torrance

Scottish Parliament should control issues of Scottish people.

27th September 2014 by Ramona McMahon

All revenue on products Scotland produces should go to Scotland.

27th September 2014 by Iain Henderson

I cannot see the point of devo max, it is based on the idea we are too wee, too poor and too stupid to go our own way in the world. I am less uncomfortable with independence lite. Full cooperation on a number of issues makes sense with our neighbours. Still think full independence is the way to go though.

30th September 2014 by Seamus MacIntyre

Full fiscal powers, including use of oil revenue: if we are a family of Nations, let us organise our rooms how we want.Also, the option for a distinct Scottish passport would, I think, be very popular (even if it was just a different cover and a note in the important page)

30th September 2014 by R. Gibson

I think the UK government should only be responsible for monetary policy, defence, foreign affairs and disaster contingency planning and support.

3rd October 2014 by J Macmillan

We need a written constitution so we all know our rights