Which energy company is worst for customer service?


Advice charity publishes annual list of complaints against energy companies 

3rd June 2016 by Robert Armour 1 Comment

An annual league table showing how energy companies perform reveals the highest complaints ratio ever recorded over the course of the table’s five year history.

Citizens Advice publishes the table each year measuring how effectively customer complaints are dealt with by 20 of the biggest energy companies in the UK.  

Measured across the first quarter of 2016, Energy Extra is exposed as being the worst offender in terms of customer complaints with 1,682 complaints per 100,000 customers – the highest ever recorded.  

Many consumers throughout Scotland continue to face a gamble when it comes to customer service

SSE, Flow Energy and EDF Energy took the top three positions for dealing with complaints in the Citizens Advice table. 

Flow Energy is the first small supplier to reach second place since 2015 when smaller suppliers were added to the league table.

Craig Salter, energy spokesman for Citizens Advice Scotland’s Consumer Futures Unit, said:

“This league table shows that a wide range of small and large firms across the UK are providing a good service to consumers, demonstrating that size should not prevent a company from performing well.

“However, many consumers throughout Scotland continue to face a gamble when it comes to customer service.

“More needs to be done by suppliers to ensure that all consumers get the service they need, and these results highlight where many of those improvements need to be made.”

Ranking for quarter January- March 2016SupplierComplaints/100,000 customers January - March 2016Complaints/100,000 customers October - December 2015
2Flow Energy32.689
3EDF Energy35.434.5
4E (Gas and Electricity)54.074.1
5British Gas69.065.3
7Ovo Energy90.0102.6
9Good Energy92.297.2
10Utility Warehouse94.891.2
11Green Star Energy153.6133.4
12Economy Energy189.9147.4
14First Utility308.4367.2
15Spark Energy414.7304.1
16Scottish Power558.3567.9
19Co-operative Energy819.31148.8
20Extra Energy1,682.01553.7

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