Young people embrace the magic of video

Media coop panel

Participatory Video: Co-production in Focus – hosted by media co-op – took place at The Gathering this week

21st February 2020 by Gareth Jones 0 Comments

The benefits of giving young people the power to highlight important issues through film were celebrated at an event this week.

Participatory Video: Co-production in Focus – hosted by media co-op – took place at The Gathering yesterday.

The event saw two projects show the films they have produced, and heard how being involved in the production of the films can really give a boost to people’s confidence and self-esteem.

Rab, a former resident of St Mary’s Kenmure in Bishopbriggs, presented his film to the event, which focused on what life inside the secure unit is like. With the help of media co-op he produced a film that will be used to give new arrivals more information about the unit.

He said: “Learning how to use the equipment didn’t feel hard, I got used to it straight away. “Interviewing was a laugh because you get to put people on the spot – I enjoy that stuff

“I miss the filming. I thought it was a good film and I think it will help the new arrivals realise it’s not just a jail.”

The film Under the Jasmine tree was also screened at the event. A group of children from St Fillan’s Primary School Migration After-School Club worked with a professional animator to create their stop-motion animation. The children drew all the artwork, animated their film, and even created all the sound effects themselves.

Their starting point was meeting Syrian refugee Saffanna Aljbawi of Maryhill Integration Network. She read her poem about how she fled from her home with her four children and found safety in Scotland.

Remzije Sherifi, directed of Maryhill Integration Network, said: “The film will be great resource to use as a tool for exploring immigration issues people face in their life until they are settled. This will help to change people’s minds about refugees and asylum seekers.”

Under the Jasmine Tree is one of the films shortlisted for the upcoming Charity Film Awards.

After the screening of their films, the young people hosted a panel event where they took questions, discussing issues such as how long it took to make the films and whether creating them had encouraged them to think about a future career in the media.

To finish, the young people helped guests to create an animation which spelled out The Gathering.

For more information on participatory video, contact the media co-op.