Youth organisations face Erasmus+ hit

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Hundreds of thousands of Euros were received by Scottish organisations as part of the initiative

15th March 2018 by Gareth Jones 0 Comments

Youth organisations and volunteer groups will be hit if a study programme is not retained, politicians have heard.

Brexit has left the fate of Britain's participation in the Erasmus+ study initiative at serious risk.

And Holyrood’s European and External Relations Committee has said that Scotland must find a way of ensuring the exchange continues beyond 2020.

A report published by MSPs reveals the implications of withdrawing from Erasmus+.

YouthLink Scotland reported that the programme plays a key role in providing funding for youth work in Scotland, with Scottish youth organisations having secured more than €756k in Erasmus+ funding last year.

The committee also heard that the scheme is not just restricted to university education, as it also provides funding support for colleges, volunteer groups, sports initiatives, apprenticeships, training and development throughout Europe.

Committee convenor Joan McAlpine MSP said that Erasmus+ should be a priority issue during Brexit negotiations.

She said: “There is much more to Erasmus+ in Scotland than university exchange programmes. Hundreds of youth work organisations, volunteer groups, teachers and colleges use the programme to raise attainment and the aspirations of some of our most disadvantaged young people.”