After Brexit, do we need Indyref 2?


Scotland voted remain, England voted leave. Is Britain broken? What do you think?

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24th June 2016 by Susan Smith 10 Comments

After Brexit, do we need Indyref 2?

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After Brexit, do we need Indyref 2?

24th June 2016 by David Thomas

Its preferable to have the #Indyref2 prior to the completion of #Brexit The #SNP are meeting their manifesto commitment to "The SNP will also be undertaking new work to build a majority in support of an independent Scotland" So this is going to be done responsibly in the interests of all Scotland's folk. I endorse all that entails.

27th June 2016 by Brian Doyle

I personally voted for Independence in 2014 but have since engaged in finding out everything I possibly can on subject. If Scotland could not find a way to engage with the EU in 2014 how on God's earth does this government think things will be any different? There is also the fact that every Intelligence Company in World shows clearly that there will be NO European Union by 2020 so why are they so adamant this is whats best for Scottish People?

27th June 2016 by Christine

Of course we do

27th June 2016 by Colin Millar

Campaigning for and voting in a second independence referendum is futile until such times as we know the "state of the nation" i.e. what will the deal between UK and EU look like? Will that be advantageous or disadvantageous for Scotland (remembering rUK remains the largest export market for Scotland); what will the currency options be? What will membership conditions for an independent Scotland be?It's far too early to state whether this should or should not be an option. However, I think the Scottish Government is absolutely right to put it "on the table" but lets look at ALL the options objectively before making any rash decisions.

27th June 2016 by Jules

Of course we do - there could hardly be a more 'material change'. More fundamentally, all this does is highlight the accelerating divergence between Scotland and rUK. I'm now not bothered about discussing the whys and wherefores...whether we like it or not, it's the reality.I just want to get on with all the hard work involved in building a fairer, more inclusive Scotland. Please... can we vote Yes now and just get on with it?

29th June 2016 by Geofrankie

I am totally opposed to indyref2, there is talk by the FM et al, that Scotland voted overwhelmingly for remain, when the reality is only 1.6 million of nearly 4 million eligible to vote did so. Especially when the majority of our income comes from England and the rest of the UK some 67% with the remainder not from Europe but worldwide. We should be standing united not trying to rip the UK apart.

5th July 2016 by Joe

Scotland has the largest budget deficit in the European Union at almost 10%.Scotland declaring independence would mean a direct loss of the £9 billion fiscal transfer from the rest of the UK, extra funds to be spent on establishing a new state (approx £1 billion at least), £2 billion EU membership fees and if we join the Euro then further spending reductions to meet the entry criteria concerning debt levels and our budget deficit.In short, it would mean massive fiscal austerity that would mean generation longs cuts to the NHS, education and the welfare system.Hardly the way to set about building a socially just, fairer, greener NHS.

5th July 2016 by Joe

*** (should be)..."fairer, greener Scotland"

5th July 2016 by Joe

Scotland has endured £2 billion worth of cuts to its budget across the course of 6 years as a result of fiscal tightening in the aftermath of the 08 financial crisis. This represents £0.33 billion per annum and is enough for many people to declare that Scotland needs to be independent to escape such a fate. Why should such arguments be taken seriously when Scottish independence could come at a cost of £11-£12 billion worth of public spending cuts in year 1? How would over 30 years of Tory austerity in one year ever be justifiable?

24th October 2017 by Korn

Already had our vote and made our decisions. As a nation we should be making plans to trade throughout the world. Scotland is unencumbered by time consuming negotiations with EU We should be capitalising on this - not harking back to a failed referendum.