Poll: is Scotland’s third sector third rate?

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​TFN poll: is Scotland's third sector third rate? Vote now and join in the debate.

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28th August 2015 by Graham Martin 1 Comment

Is Scotland's third sector third rate?

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Is Scotland's third sector third rate?

The chief executive of a charity sparked debate this week when she asked whether the third sector in Scotland is third rate.

Ann Porter, who heads Fife Society for the Blind, said the country’s charities fall into a “no-man’s land of accountability" and don’t have any “external scrutiny”.

Porter spoke out following a series of anti-charity stories over the summer, including fears that fundraising methods contributed to the death of poppy-seller Olive Cooke and the closure of London charity Kids Company with less than a week’s worth of running costs in reserve.

She put out a call to the sector, saying: “Rather than repeating the old mantras about the unassailable value and virtues of the charity sector, in order to get some new thinking going, let’s start with this: the third sector is third rate. Discuss.”

So let’s discuss it, staring with this question. Do you agree – is Scotland’s third sector third rate?

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31st August 2015 by MATT

Bullying, poor working conditions, tick boxing, poor terms and conditions, inconsistant wage structure, to many charities that are not charities, need for a standard terms and conditions / wages throughout Scotland.