Poll: should burkinis be banned?


​There has been a storm of protest after French police forced a woman to remove a burkini at gun point. What do you think of the the burkini debate?

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26th August 2016 by Alex Turnbull 6 Comments

Should the burkini be banned?

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Should the burkini be banned?

A huge debate has been sparked after moves were taken in France to outlaw the wearing of full-body burkini swim wear.

There was outrage this week when photos were published showing armed French police making a woman remove her burkini on a beach in Nice.

Although several seaside towns have already outlawed the swimwear, arguing that it breaks French laws on secularism, but there is as yet no national ban – though that might be about to change.

The debate has raised all sorts of issues, intersecting with arguments on freedom, tolerance, secularism, state intrusion, security, feminism and patriarchy.

It is sure to continue - as are protests against the ban.

That’s why we’re asking: should the burkini be banned?

Join in the debate and tell us what you think.

27th August 2016 by Craig Crosthwaite

What you wear is your choice. What you wear makes a statement. On the first it should not be banned, but on the second point it should. The difficulty is that in this country it should not be an issue as freedom to do so, but those supporting it do so on the basis of faith or a look back to the motherland. It is not necessary for being a good Muslim ( Immans say so) and it should not be imposed by notions of this is what we did back in ( whichever country). It certainly should not be worn as not doing so inflames the desires of men. Let them control their desires, not punish women. In balance I read people saying it should be allowed but for negative reasons. If women n Muslim countries embrace it that I can understand, but liberated towns have seen women tear off the garments that cover them. Essentially the garment serves no purpose.

30th August 2016 by Annie Silver

Why should women, or men for that matter, have to expose as much flesh as possible on the beach? There are many reasons why women may want to stay covered and they should be allowed to do so for whatever reason without having to justify themselves or their clothing. Get over it!

30th August 2016 by Saeed Mohammadi

No, The last week incident in French sea side was a breech of human dignity and freedom. This can cause more deep divided society and create hate-rate and insecurity in all western countries. I believe more than

1st September 2016 by John Spiteri

There are more than enough 'religious police' in the world telling women and men what they can and cannot wear. Why on earth does a 'liberal' country like France want to start behaving in the same way ?

1st September 2016 by John Spiteri

There are more than enough 'religious police' in the world telling men and women what they can or cannot wear. Why does a 'liberal country' like France want to behave in the same way ?

6th December 2018 by Peter Le Riche

Religious beliefs need to be consigned to museums. We need to speed up, unite and go with scientific theories for the time being. Part of living in a foreign country is to embrace it's its culture. in our case a non secular culture where religious figures do not influence politics in Westminster