Poll: should car speeds be limited to 70mph?


It could soon be impossible to drive more than 70mph in a new car in the UK past 2022, thanks to an EU ruling.

All new cars  could soon be fitted with special devices to automatically make them keep to the speed limit after new EU rules were provisionally agreed. Intelligent speed assistance is one of a raft of safety measures set to become mandatory in European vehicles after the plans were given approval by the European Commission.

Charities have long campaigned for a lowering of speed limits to  20mph in built up areas.

And road safety charity Brake described the 70mph limit as a “landmark day for road safety”, though the AA said the “best speed limiter is the driver’s right foot”.

Who is right? This is why we’re asking: should car speeds be limited to 70mph?

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29th March 2019 by Graham Martin 5 Comments

Should car speeds be limited to 70mph?

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Should car speeds be limited to 70mph?

29th March 2019 by Jake

Most drivers overestimate there ability to drive at speed, its the cause of most accidents and fatalities.

29th March 2019 by Roy Douglas

I think a speed cap should be made at 80 miles per hour and all lorries and transit vans (goods carrying) vehicles capped at 57 mph in line with minibuses and passenger carrying vehicles.

29th March 2019 by Ewan Dale

While it is possible to drive with adequate control at speeds over 70 on suitable major roads, most drivers already show a need for help in properly controlling their interactions across many circumstances, and with cars offering increasing levels of automatic controls, the need for supporting control is only going to grow.

31st March 2019 by Muzza

It would be interesting to see a gender breakdown of these results. Would I be making an assumption to say most of the No's will be men and the yes's women?

1st April 2019 by Paul

I like going fast! Why cant we adopt the german way and have autobahn's?