Poll: should owners be forced to keep dogs on leads?


Mothers whose children have been attacked by dogs have called for pets being off their lead in public to be made illegal.

They gave evidence to MSPs at the Scottish Parliament.

It is estimated that as many as 1.417 people – 255 of them children – have been subjected to dog-related injuries in the last year in the Greater Glasgow area alone.

The parents want a law change so that dogs must be kept on a lead in public.

This is why we’re asking: what do you think? Should owners be forced to keep dogs on leads?

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22nd February 2019 by Graham Martin 8 Comments

Should owners be forced to keep dogs on leads?

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Should owners be forced to keep dogs on leads?

25th February 2019 by Ewen Rennie

This is a black and white question on the same lines as Brexit. Surely it depends on the situation (and the degree of control the owner has when the dog is off the lead)!

25th February 2019 by Matthew Waddington

Dogs need to be properly exercised, both physically and mentally. Apart from the cruelty to the dog, an underexercised dog will be frustrated and more dangerous anyway.

25th February 2019 by Vincent Houlihan

It's our responsibility to keep our pets safe in danger zones. However, no animal was born to live at the end of a rope. They have to experience "their world," with the freedom that we have to experience ours.

25th February 2019 by Polly oldershaw

That is just ridiculous. Owners of unpredictable dogs should be made more accountable

26th February 2019 by Lucy Kelly

Dogs that can kill should be on leads at all times, except perhaps in dog parks. Dogs should also be on leads around sheep in the countryside, since most dogs worry sheep. So should dogs where they kill vulnerable wildlife, such as in Australia, where dogs are helping to drive koalas to extinction. Wildlife must not die out for pets!

27th February 2019 by John

Small, well trained and well socialised dogs should not have to suffer because some people cannot be bothered to train their dogs properly.

28th February 2019 by MDH

It's all about training and knowledge.A law to keep dogs on a lead won't solve all the problems, and could cause other issues.I'd be fascinated to see the results of a survey about whether people think it's currently illegal to have your dog off a lead beside a road.

28th February 2019 by Anna Purna

Perhaps being muzzled when off the lead would help?