Poll: should the state pension age be raised to 75?

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From the people who brought you Universal Credit – how about working till 75 till you retire?

An influential right wing think tank the Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) says Britain can no longer afford the current plan to raise  the pension age to 67 in 2028 then 68 by 2046, so it must be speeded up.

It wants to see the pension age rise to 75 over the next 16 years.

This is based on a report from a think tank – but the CSJ, which is chaired by former DWP chief Iain Duncan Smith, has influence on Tory governments, and it is responsible for the creation of Universal Credit.

CSJ boss Andy Cook said: “Working longer potentially improves health and wellbeing– we don’t do enough to help older people stay in work.

"The state pension doesn’t reflect healthy working life expectancy.”

But civil society groups have condemned the proposal.

Brian Sloan, chief executive of Age Scotland, said: “Raising the state pension age to 75 would be a retrograde step that would have a devastating impact on Scotland’s poorest older people.”

Jan Shortt of the National Pensioners Convention added: “The longer you work the more ill you become and the less likely you are to even reach retirement age.”

What do you think? Should the state pension age be raised to 75?

Vote now and join in the debate by leaving a comment below.

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19th August 2019 by Graham Martin 10 Comments

Should the state pension age be raised to 75?

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Should the state pension age be raised to 75?

20th August 2019 by Becks

By all means let older people work if they wish - or adopt a 50/50 approach - work part-time hours and claim part pension, but shouldn't be mandatory. However, more older generation working can lead to less jobs for younger people. More fitness issues and health complaints in later years can prevent many jobs being performed. I don't want to work until my death.

20th August 2019 by Gina

Who the hell said yes ????

20th August 2019 by Aileen Aitken

It should not even be raised to 70. Willing to bet this is where Bono's magic money tree is coming from.

21st August 2019 by Sharon

Are we now supposed to work up to what was an average man's life expectancy ten years ago - Britain might want a new slogan at this rate - Come live here so you can work to die! They also want early education from 2 years old so forget about childhood, parent hood and retirement!

21st August 2019 by John Cunningham

The UK government has already raised the state pension age in a wholly unacceptable manner which is causing poverty for many people who had insufficient notice of the changes to the age at which entitlement to pension would take effect. Clearly this has been unfairly done with insufficient care or consideration for the economic and social effects on the lives of many people. It is now becoming apparent that the average lifetime span has stopped growing and, if anything, is actually reducing. So to continue with any further such changes is utterly unfair, unreasonable, uncaring, unnecessary and unsustainable. Instead of doing that the changes already made require to be reviewed and revised, possibly reversed to some extent, so as to make the system fair and reasonable. Hopefully there will soon be a change of government which will undertake to resolve this abomination of a mess which has already been implemented.

23rd August 2019 by Lok Yue

"It is now becoming apparent that the average lifetime span has stopped growing and, if anything, is actually reducing"That must have passed me by. Can you give me the reference please, mr. Cunningham?Thanks

23rd August 2019 by andrew

totaly stupid

26th August 2019 by Harry S

Salaries for top paid people are absolutely scandalous, too many people are installed in these jobs. Most of the higher paid do not pay the correct income tax including our 1000 members of Parliament and the House of Lords they all are using tax avoidance, claiming horrendous daily expenses. We will never get anywhere in this Country because these are the people who make the decisions, and will not vote to scrap tax avoidance. The NHS is also overloaded with these high salary non producers who do nothing all day and also avoid taxes. If these injustices were stopped the hard working section of the population who do pay the correct taxes can all perhaps retire at 60.

26th August 2019 by Matt Quinn

Seriously? Even if you are a skilled, experienced person, finding meaningful employment over the age of 50 is almost impossible... Despite the paucheled employment figures promoted by politicos of all shades, there really just isn't the work! Especially if you are in any way impaired by illness or disability! For instance - At 57, 'half broken' with COPD - and despite 40 years professional experience including 12 lecturing - if I wasn't self-employed I'd be unemployed! - That's reality! Who's going to hire a half-broken old crock?

27th August 2019 by Katie Markie

Give young people a chance, and those that have been working a chance to enjoy their retirement, we should be encouraged to become volunteer peer mentors to the new generation and support them to take up the reigns of hopefully a more vibrant third sector.