Poll: should workers have to pay to park at their workplace?

Crop parking rage

A levy could soon be introduced across Scotland meaning that workers who take their car to work will have to pay to park it in their employers’ car parks.

The move was one part of a deal done between the Scottish Greens and the SNP to get the latter’s budget passed.

The levy will be made on employers – but there are fears, by trade union Unison among other, that this will be passed onto already hard-pressed staff.

However environmental charities such as Friends of the Earth Scotland have backed the move, saying it will help reduce car use and emissions.

That is why we’re asking: what do you think - should workers have to pay to park at their workplace?

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1st February 2019 by TFN 12 Comments

Should workers have to pay to park at their workplace?

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Should workers have to pay to park at their workplace?

1st February 2019 by Disgruntled Employee

It's not a privilege to come to work, it is a necessity. I don't therefore feel I should pay to park for the 'privilege'. My work entails movement of materials that I could not possibly do on public transport. Why therefore should I be penalised because of the nature of my work, which is entirely out of my control?

1st February 2019 by Tiiu Miller

Car use needs to be reduced, and by a lot, but this is not a fair way to do it. Is there evidence that it will have a real impact on car use? It looks more like a means of raising money than reducing car use. Again, the government needs the money, but taxation is a fairer way to get it. If it is to have an impact on car use surely the levy, if we must have it, should be paid by the car users, not the employers. It seems a bit of cheek too for government to tax what use a private company/person makes of his/her land.

1st February 2019 by Meichelle Walker

I stay out in a rural area outwith Edinburgh - I need to use my car to travel to and from work. My employer has a small parking space which we pay for as from time to time I need to travel across the Lothians to various meetings which would not be feasible on public transport. Also the costs for travelling expenses would have to come out of my employers budget. We are registered charity delivering services to the communities of the Lothians

1st February 2019 by maxxmacc

Who in their right mind (25% so far) thinks this is a good idea. The Greens will send us all back to the Stone Age if they have their way. I wouldn't trust them to go and buy a loaf.

4th February 2019 by M Loughran

We already pay road tax and council tax, why should we be discriminated and singled out to pay more tax.

4th February 2019 by Amber

It might be a more palatable proposal if public transport and related parking facilities were better. If we don't get to our local train station by 6.30am the car park is full. If we are lucky enough to get a space, we wait on the platform and pray that the train will turn up on time, and that's on a day when there is no snow, high winds, leaves blowing about, etc. At home time, our train is late 4 days out of every 5 week days. For those who have to deal with this every day, it is less stressful taking the car.

4th February 2019 by Gordon

I have limited mobility but not severe enough for a blue badge. I cannot use public transport. My employer does not have a car park so i pay commercial rates. If my employer did have a car park I don't think I should have to pay for it. There must be many like me who can only work if they use a car park. Also there must be many like me who drive to and from meetings every day across cities and large sections of Scotland and cannot do so by public transport in the time permitted. Reducing car use is good. Penalising those who have to use them is not.

5th February 2019 by Mikey

This is another misinformed idea from the out of touch Greens and the even more out of touch SNP. It is all about raising money, regardless of who it impacts. Pure lack of thought.

5th February 2019 by Elaine

I don't think we should have to pay to park, we are already paying over the odds with everything else, taxes on income, food, fuel etc. If the public transport system actually worked, I'd happily take the bus and take the strain off the commute every day.

12th February 2019 by Annie Silver

Either all workers should be paying - including nurses, doctors, etc in hospitals - or nobody should. The Scottish Government should not be treating some workers differently...what happened to a Fairer Scotland for all? Personally, too many people need to use their own transport to get to work since public transport in Scotland is not even adequate, therefore paying to bring my car to work if I had to would be a tax to far.

13th February 2019 by Ex snp voter

This car poll tax and tourist tax by the snp.will be the end for them.this is what you would expect from the tories.its discrimincating against workers.

20th February 2019 by Gordon

I can walk but only for short distances. Public transport does not provide an option for me to get to work. My job entails a lot of travel about West Central Scotland and time is limited as is funding. For both those reasons public transport is not an option. My disability is not sufficient to merit a blue badge and wouldn't want to ask for one as others need it more. Do I become unemployed and be refused benefits because I can obviously work? Cars might be a problem but for many they are also the only solution. I can and do contribute, I make a difference to other peoples' lives and I have personal dignity. It seems people want to remove all that just to make a point. Please think again.