Poll: who do you think will win the independence referendum?

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In a cunning twist in referendum polls we are not asking you what you are voting but rather what you think the result will be.

8th September 2014 by TFN 5 Comments

What will the result of the Scottish independence referendum be

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What will the result of the Scottish independence referendum be

The clock is ticking to Scotland's date with destiny.

On Thursday, 18 September people will decide whether or not Scotland should become independent.

Many will have already made up their minds - though a significant number won't decide til right up till polling day.

There have been many polls during the campaign which ask people how they intend to vote.

So we thought we'd do something a little different - ask you which side you think will win, not who you want to win.

Vote now!

12th September 2014 by Gordon Whyte

My vote is Yes but I fear a No will be the result. But if so there will be another time.

13th September 2014 by Ryan


14th September 2014 by James Murray

Yes all the way

15th September 2014 by anne

Yes will walk it!

17th September 2014 by Dave Pickering

Hell hath no fury like the elite under threat, and with all the forces of the conservative establishment behind them I'm very much afraid it's going to be a NO vote. Project Fear has gained a foothold and the poorest people in Scotland will pay the price.