Who will you vote for on 5 May?


31st March 2016 by Robert Armour 67 Comments

Which party will you vote for?

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Which party will you vote for?
Liberal Democrats
Scottish Green Party
Won't vote
Other party

Will it be keenly contested or an SNP whitewash in line with the results from the UK general election last year? In order to gauge whihc party the nation will choose come 5 May, TFN wants to know how you will vote on the day. Below is a list of all ther main parties. Which will get your vote? 

31st March 2016 by sarah barwood

SNP 1 and 2

31st March 2016 by Sandra jaconelli

SNP the only party that cares about scotland snp1-2

31st March 2016 by Michael

SNP - Constituency Vote Greens - Regional List Vote

31st March 2016 by Iain Barker

SNP 1 but RISE on List vote.

31st March 2016 by David Ross


31st March 2016 by Mac

Because the SNP answer to the people of Scotland the others answer to their bosses in London. So the SNP are the only people acting in Scotland's interests.

31st March 2016 by Ruth

SNP 1 & 2

31st March 2016 by Eddie lee

1 & 2 for me

31st March 2016 by Andrew Johnston

SNP 1 & 2 The Only Real Scottish Party that looks after the interests of Scottish People. All the rest of the main parties are just Branches held to account by their English counterparts.All my Family will be voting SNP x 2

31st March 2016 by Nicola McKay


31st March 2016 by dennis bartholomew

i think the snp will win comfertly and get a big majority the other partys dont have any cmpassion the labour party are all over the piace the torys and liberials havent got a clue what the people want i would like to see the greens do well mr harvey seems to know what he is talking about but snp for me the other patys seem to be controlled from London the scottish lab party is not a scottish party as they have an english rose as their symbol so come on my feeow citizents o scotland snp 1 2

31st March 2016 by Edith Cargill

SNP 1 and 2 The only party for Scotland

31st March 2016 by Maria Burt

Voting SNP because they are stand out from the rest of the parties by a mile!

31st March 2016 by Andrew Mackay

SNP 1/Jean Uruquhart2

31st March 2016 by helen simpson

SNP 1and2 only ones I trust

1st April 2016 by Linda Richards

S.N.P 1 and 2

1st April 2016 by Linda Richards

S .N.P 1 and 2

1st April 2016 by Frances Cafolla

The Tories have disappeared from the graph now...pity they can't do that in real life

1st April 2016 by Andy Drynan

Rise and Greens are for after Indy, only SNP 1+2 relevant.

1st April 2016 by Cliff serbie

SNP is the only one that's not lied been deceitful and will give us our Indy. Liebour are awful traitors and lib dem well I rest my case and tories are just rich wanna be's who want to sell everything to their rich friends and make a profit for themselves. I for one is sick to the back of my teeth with the constant bully tactics and harassment a of fear monger img and I staining and finally. There lack of moral support for the people who voted them in. Shame on you. #snpbothvotes.

1st April 2016 by Sharon Murray

The SNP are the ONLY party in Scotland who put Scotland first and foremost and who actually care about the people of Scotland. #BOTHVOTESSNP

1st April 2016 by manager

In all honesty. can not bring myself to vote for any of them. All politicians are liars and cheats whose principals are so warped they don't remember what they are any more. Also they all have policies I don't agree with. e.g. labour intent on destroying the economy, Tories are all about cuts, lib dems don't have policies that are coherent, the greens have the open borders policy and the SNP has the appalling named person policy which flys in the face of parents ability to be parents.

1st April 2016 by Lindy

SNP 1 and 2 then onward to IndyRef 2

1st April 2016 by Jacquie Perrie

The other parties are not credible in Scotland! They represent the elitist British establishment which is parasitical growth on my Country! Said Alba!

1st April 2016 by Fraser Grant

SNP 1 and 2 We need to compound the message we sent Westminster last year

1st April 2016 by Robert

Who would vote conservative or Labour in Scotland? Surely they only watch BBC or have no tv or internet..open you're eyes

1st April 2016 by Jason

I have moved to scotland .sold my house moved my job and family to make sure i dont miss out on a independent scotland if theres a second referendum.the thought of living in england with a permanent tory goverment terrified me.so snp all the way for me

1st April 2016 by Fran

Labour, not perfect but I would never vote for a party that is as divisive as the SNP.

1st April 2016 by Graeme Robertson

SNP 1&2

1st April 2016 by Mark Stephen

SNP 1 & 2 The only Party that give a toss about the people of Scotland

1st April 2016 by Liz Knapp

SNP both votes. Only party fighting for Scotland's people

1st April 2016 by Joan Campbell

There's just no other choice. The other parties are not Scottish and don't put Scotland first.

1st April 2016 by johnny rudkin

the snp is the only party that is 100% for scotland the rest have to kow tow to westminster

1st April 2016 by Duncan Malxolm

Had the SNP kept their promise to replace Council tax with Local Income Tax I would be voting for them - The Green's Property Tax is not much better as many will still pay nothing despite earning far more than Pensioners but at least the rich will pay more.

1st April 2016 by Fran

What an amount of Nationalist bigoted comments on here for a third sector publication!

1st April 2016 by Robert McHarg

SNP 1 & 2. Only party that can get us out of the turmoil we are in

2nd April 2016 by Ally

To vote for two different parties defies logic. SNP both votes.

2nd April 2016 by Donna

The snp are the better ones who will take back our country Scotland,There were a lot of scaremoungering at the ref,Nows the time to stand up and be heard Snp will do its best to look after our children and grandchildren the future is in your children please remember this,vote yes for snp

2nd April 2016 by AndyMc

snp 1 + 2

2nd April 2016 by AndyMc

SNP 1+2

2nd April 2016 by Dave

SNP x 2 as none of the other so called parties have not got one coherent policy on theNHS, Policing ,Fracking. Or any other issue. Labour, Lib dems, tories.all tell a tissue of lies re policies to try and win votes . The greens could make a positive impact on policies. Whereas Rise and solidarity ,are only trying to gain votes at the cost too the SNP. So both votes to SNP.

2nd April 2016 by Diana Proudfoot

SNP all the way

2nd April 2016 by Jacqui Caldwell

SNP 1&2 .... They are our only hope for independence for Scotland!

2nd April 2016 by Lizzie

SNP the only party that care about Scotland. So proud of them

2nd April 2016 by Alison Rollo

Realistically there is actually no other party to vote for than SNP -- superb record in government! Why would Scot's want a party with a head office in London in power? Rise and Solidarity would be a waisted vote until we get independence. Wish Greens could be the opposition though.

2nd April 2016 by William Douglas

Looks like there is no need for a campaign. Everyone has already made up their minds!

2nd April 2016 by Gayle Smith

It's SNP Both Votes for me of the others only Rise and the Greens are remotely credible the others just do what Westminster tells them and as for UKIP you'd get more sense from shop window dummies.

2nd April 2016 by David Cairns

Both votes SNP. They have consistently proven themselves as capable, competent and in touch with the needs and aspirations of the majority of Scotland's population. They are not without fault, but stand head and shoulders above all other contenders.

2nd April 2016 by David

To describes the SNP as a party that stands up for Scotland is a bad joke.Given the way they have taken from the poor, given to the rich and decimated the third sector I'm ashamed by this poll.

2nd April 2016 by Liz lowrey

It's both votes SNP for me

2nd April 2016 by Ina Disguise

I can see the headlines now - Green threat to SNP. Labour not far behind. Too funny.

2nd April 2016 by Maisie McGhee

\¤*¨¨*¤.¸ ¸...¸.¤* \5th Mar 2016: \¸ 2x SNP ¤* .\¸.¤*¨¨*¤ .¸¸.¸.¤* ..\ ☻/ /▌ / \ ‪#‎sp16‬ ‪#‎bothvotessnp‬ ‪#‎snp16‬

2nd April 2016 by William Brogan

SNP the only party capable of looking after us ,the others have to phone London every time they open their mouths.

5th April 2016 by Brian Doyle

I have voted SNP for past 10+ years, however following referendum nonsense being spouted out by Nicola Sturgeon I feel that despite my voting yes I have now had opportunity to fully investigate the actual costs to the Scottish Public from this SNP Government, who is going to pay for the continuing FREE ITEMS like Prescriptions;Bus Passes; Bedroom Tax to name just a few? According to Scottish Economists Scotland will be in region of £20 Billion shortfall by 2020?

9th April 2016 by Henry Tait

The SNP is an independent & autonomous party - That puts Scotlands Priorities first - Both votes SNP.

13th April 2016 by Patricia Plunkett

I will be voting SNP twice, because I read about all three of the opposition parties and think what planet are they on ?Does Scotland matter to you ? Not one of you are worthy of a Scottish vote and that is why I am sticking to the party that has done more for Scotland in the time they have been in charge, than all three have done in 30years.PFI schools, higher prescriptions pensions cut. Voting for austerity or abstaining on a vote, the Blue Tories make the bullets and the Red Tories fire the shots.

13th April 2016 by Barbara-Anne Haig

I am voting SNP. I am so disappointed with Labour voting with Tories on the welfare reform bill, yet they are against austerity. It's a split party. Tories are unforgivable and Lib-dems finished. I am disgusted about Lib-Dem politician applying to Joseph Rowntree Charitable foundation to pay £50,000 towards a legal bill because he lied. Sick of the lack of morals and do not trust them. All the best with whatever you vote.

14th April 2016 by J

SNP why? Because of all the reasons explained and that you all know. SNP do work for Scotland and Scots while the rest, are out for themselves.Good luck to them, they destroyed their own party, that must be a hard pill to swallow, maybe that's why they still can't and just repetedly attack and insult us all.We woke up. Both votes snp

14th April 2016 by Hugh Jarse

Scottish Labour died when they got into bed with the Tories and sold their soul to block an independent Scotland. Gordon Brown has single handedly consigned The Labour Party to the history books

16th April 2016 by Raymond Thomson

SNP 1 & " to ensure we can push for #Indy2

18th April 2016 by Allan McAllister

Of all the political parties in Scotland the SNP are the only ones who stand up and support the Scots. SNP 1 & 2 for me.

2nd May 2016 by revolution

rainbow tories out snp 1 and 2

2nd May 2016 by revolution

rainbow tories, out snp 1 and 2

2nd May 2016 by revolution

my post isn't being accepted, its possibly because my comment is rainbow tories out

3rd May 2016 by Gayle Smith

SNP 1 & 2 I would never consider voting for any unionist party even if they promised me the kingdom of heaven.It has to be SNP Rise and the Greens aren't ready yet.

3rd May 2016 by Gayle Smith

SNP 1 & 2 I would never vote for any unionist party.

5th May 2016 by Linda

I will be voting SNP one and two Nicola Sturgeon its head and shoulders above the opposition