Crisis fund reopens to applications

Potrpatrick community funding

More than 750 organisations across Scotland have benefitted from millions of pounds from the Response, Recovery and Resilience Fund so far

3rd August 2020 by Gareth Jones 0 Comments

Applications for crisis funding for charities embroiled in the response to the coronavirus have reopened.

Foundation Scotland has announced the next stage of its Response, Recovery and Resilience Fund, which has so far distributed over £3.2 million to communities across the country. 

The community foundation is today (Monday 3 August) encouraging eligible groups requiring additional funds to apply.  

Launched in March, the crisis fund was the first source of community funding to open as the coronavirus pandemic hit the country. Working in partnership with the National Emergencies Trust, the fund paused to new applications in June to take time to review and plan how best to adapt the fund to meet the changing needs within Scottish communities.  

Helen Wray, programme manager at Foundation Scotland, said: “We have so far supported over 770 groups, collectively supporting over 890,000 people across the country. We have worked hard to get support to where it is needed most through this challenging time.

“Through our continual assessment of applications, it was clear that we were starting to see a gradual shift in focus. More requests for funding started to come in to support service adaptation for beyond lockdown, to help groups plan ahead. We paused briefly to take time to take stock, review and renew the focus. 

“We needed to ensure sufficient funds were in place for all groups and registered charities in need throughout the country, making sure we target funds to where they were needed most. So we have worked closely with other key bodies through this process such as with our partner The National Emergencies Trust and with other key organisations in the sector such as SCVO and the Third Sector Interfaces to get this focus right.”

The fund will continue to offer grants of between £1,000 and £5,000 to constituted community groups and small registered charities. However, the fund relaunches with a renewed focus on ‘recovery’ where organisations require vital support to plan ahead, to continue their operations in the ‘new normal’, re-establish or re-design their activities to comply with new regulations impacting on their services whilst still meeting the needs of their community. Examples of projects include those needing support to restart face to face services, counselling groups helping those experiencing mental health issues, bereavement and domestic abuse and organisations needing to increase hygiene policies to safely reopen.

The Portpatrick Harbour Community Benefit Society was one of the first groups to receive support to help safely transition into the next phase of the crisis. Calum Currie, chairman of the group, said: “As a former fishing port, our economy is entirely dependent on tourism. It quickly became apparent that we needed to start thinking ahead so we got together to agree what needed to happen to make sure both residents and visitors felt safe as restrictions started to lift.  

“We were beyond delighted to receive £4,190 from Foundation Scotland to allow us to provide a hand sanitiser station at the entrance of every shop, café, take-away, restaurant and hotel across the village. In addition to this we have posted prominent signs to encourage everyone visiting our community to participate. The grant has also allowed us to purchase dedicated materials which our volunteer sewing group have used to make hundreds of face coverings for the staff of our local businesses and community members. The grant has enabled us to do all of this and has without a doubt helped us to confidently sustain our community and protect our residents and visitors from Covid infection.” 

Foundation Scotland is eager to distribute funds quickly to communities in need and is appealing to eligible groups to apply as they respond and recover from the crisis which has both changed and increased demands on the sector’s services beyond recognition.

For more details, eligibility criteria and to apply online visit the Foundation Scotland website.