Glasgow climate strikers will not face school punishment

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​Pupils can take part in climate strike - if they have parents' consent

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12th March 2019 by Graham Martin 2 Comments

Glasgow City Council has become the latest to confirm that students who miss school to take part in global climate protests will not face punishment.

The move – revealed in a letter from council chief Annemarie O’Donnell to Glasgow’s Green MSP Patrick Harvie – represents a shift in the council’s message from before the last youth climate strike.

Then it suggested young people would be classed as truanting.

The move, which stands if pupils have the consent of carers and parents, comes after City of Edinburgh Council made a similar announcement.

Ms O’Donnell’s letter states “there is no intention to take punitive action, however young people will be expected to show they have permission in order that their absence from school be recorded as authorised.”

Tens of thousands of children and young people are expected to take part in the next global climate strike which takes place this Friday, 15 March 2019, in almost 100 countries worldwide and up to 100 locations across the UK.

Scottish Greens education spokesperson Ross Greer said: “It’s great to see Scotland’s two biggest councils take a lead and commit not to punish young people exercising their right to strike over the single most important crisis they, or any of us, will ever face.

“Curriculum for Excellence calls on young Scots to be responsible citizens. In the face of a climate crisis and no adequate government response, taking action is clearly the responsible choice.

“This now means young people in Glasgow can act on their convictions for a better world without fear of sanction.”

12th March 2019 by Dawn

Makes no sense. You wont be punished as long as you have a permission note. Children and young people may be striking to bring all adults in their lives attention to climate change sometimes including parents.

14th March 2019 by maxxmacc

Eco-loon nonsense gone wild.