Vegans plan saucy ambulance ads

Saucy ambulance cropped

​Racy campaign would drive home health message, says PETA

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30th September 2015 by Graham Martin 7 Comments

An animal rights group wants to plaster Scotland’s ambulances with pictures of a saucy nurse.

People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is offering to place free sexy pro-vegan ads on the side of emergency vehicles.

The group says it made its indecent proposal in response to reports that the Scottish Ambulance Service (SAS) is one of many across the UK to buy expensive new equipment – costing more than £3.5 million – in order to accommodate larger patients.

PETA’s proposed ads features a cleavage flashing sexy nurse and reads: "Lighten Your Load – Go Vegan. Vegans Are 10 to 20 Pounds Slimmer Than Meat-Eaters.”

The best thing that anyone can do to keep the ambulance at bay and help animals is to go vegan

Kirsty Henderson, PETA's campaign coordinator, said: "Our proposal is a win-win situation: potential patients will get the point that a vegan diet is better for their health, and Scottish ambulance services will avoid the additional financial strain of buying equipment for bigger patients

"The best thing that anyone can do to keep the ambulance at bay and help animals is to go vegan."

In its letter to Pauline Howie, chief executive of the SAS, PETA points out that vegans are more likely to be healthy than people who consume meat and dairy foods and that a pure vegetarian or vegan diet can be a safe way to lose excess weight.

"In addition, every person who goes vegan spares many animals from the cruelty of factory farming and slaughter – including saving chickens, turkeys and other animals from having their throats cut and piglets from having the tips of their teeth and their tails cut off without any pain relief," the charity writes.

A Scottish Ambulance Service spokesman said: “We have no plans to carry any such advertising on ambulances.”

30th September 2015 by Grant

The sexualisation of nurses is an unhelpful stereotype to perpetuate...I'm sure that vegans would be keen to not perpetuate any stereotypes of themselves....

1st October 2015 by Busty Substances

I fail to see how objectifying women helps the campaign. Kirsty should be ashamed of herself perpetuating this lazy and harmful stereotype. Obviously she has not read any of the info about unequal pay in the NHS or has been able to consider the bigger picture. I could go on and on. I suggest Kirsty educate herself. She could start by looking around her office and thinking what she would feel like if glam mags were pinned up on her wall like in the '70s and whether that would make her feel respected and valued as a person. She is also pandering to the viewpoint that there is a hierarchy over access to health, with some people being classed as worthy and others not. Shame! What does she do at her performance appraisal - get them out for the lads?

2nd October 2015 by Cat

Giving animals more respect than females and nurses, congratulations PETA! I assume this is an attempt at humour, unforuantely they have missed humour and went directly to offensive.I assume time was spent at PETA creating this image, I am sure anyone dotating to PETA will be thrilled that this is how their money is being spent. Awful.

5th October 2015 by Audrey

Is this a late April Fool that's way past its use by date? Might have got away with it in the 1970s. Not today.I support PETA and it's objectives, but this is pathetic.

6th October 2015 by Sheri Lucas

PETA is an embarrassment. Please don't let their sexist stupidity deter you from taking animal ethics seriously.

7th October 2015 by Heather

It worked for me! I went vegan for ethical reasons more than 20 years ago and I lost about 30 excess pounds without really trying. I’ve kept the weight off and I feel healthier overall, but the best part is knowing that my healthy food choices don’t harm animals or degrade the environment. It’s a win-win. Besides, vegan foods taste great and I can still enjoy vegan chocolate and other treats in addition to my nutritious vegan meals.

17th October 2015 by HerbsandHags

PETA are just a bunch of misogynist asshats. I'm not interested in anything they have to say because of their objectification of women in support of their cause. They're disgusting.