Volunteering charity appoints new chief executive

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Paul Reddish will take on the role at Volunteering Matters in August.

9th July 2019 by Gavin Stuart 0 Comments

A charity that runs more than 100 volunteering programmes around the UK has appointed a new chief executive.

Paul Reddish will take on the role with Volunteering Matters in August after current CEO Oonagh Aitken steps down.

Reddish will step down from his position as chief executive of community empowerment charity ProjectScotland but the two organisations will continue to work closely in what is being described as an "innovative collaboration".

The two charities are already engaged in joint ventures, including a strategic partnership to support the European Solidarity Corps programme, and work closely together on a number of other projects. 

ProjectScotland will appoint an interim director to manage its operations and report to Reddish in his new role.

Reddish, an active volunteer who brings a wealth of experience from the financial sector, said he was delighted to have been offered the position with Volunteering Matters.

He added: “That this agreement could also be reached between two fantastic charities with so much in common is such a great outcome and gives a fantastic platform for supporting volunteering in Scotland and across the rest of the UK. With the launch of the new outcomes framework in Scotland, investing in volunteering and its importance in delivering social change has never been better understood.  

“A growing number of policy makers, officials and other influencers see the power volunteering has in helping support a broad range of social challenges. And the great work both charities do will play an important role in supporting this over the next few years. “ 

Raymond O’Hare, chair of ProjectScotland said: “We are delighted for Paul in securing this role, and I would like to thank him for all he’s done as chief executive of ProjectScotland over the last few years. We are equally delighted that Paul will still be involved following this innovative agreement between the charities.  

“This arrangement is the next natural step as we discuss the arrangements for our partnership between trustees. The collaboration has exciting potential to help support the new outcomes framework for Scotland, and to continue the momentum building around volunteering across policy makers and the sector.”

Anne Heal, chair of trustees at Volunteering Matters, said: “Paul impressed us with his knowledge and experience of the voluntary sector combined with his passion and enthusiasm for volunteering and the difference it can make for volunteers and their beneficiaries. 

“The Trustees are looking forward to working with him to help Volunteering Matters continue to develop its services, attract more investment and ultimately enable more volunteers to change their lives and the communities around them.”