Nuke protestors plan Trident break-ins and blockades


Week of action planned against Trident nuclear weapons system 

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29th June 2017 by Graham Martin 0 Comments

The international campaign to get rid of nuclear weapons will focus on Scotland next month, with a week of action against the Trident nuclear weapons system.

Protestors will gather at Coulport for a protest camp, near the base of the UK’s nuke arsenal.

They will get together to co-ordinate a series of actions against the weapons of mass destruction – and to oppose its renewal.

Among the actions being considered will be blockades and even break-ins.

A spokesperson for Trident Ploughshares said: “Everyone who opposes Trident and its grim replacement is invited to join us for ten days of camping, plotting and taking direct action to disrupt this monstrosity whether it be vigilling, blockading, breaking in, graffittiing, weapons inspecting, dancing in the road, planting seeds or what have you – the possibilities are enormous.

“All are welcome for as little or as long as you can stay. Bring friends, make friends, and enjoy camping in an ancient oak woodland adjacent to MOD Coulport, where the nuclear weapons are stored in sinister bunkers deep inside the hillside by one of the most beautiful lochs in Scotland.

“Let’s evict the undesirable tenants and return that hillside to nature.”

The camp, which will attract protestors from throughout the world, will take place from Saturday 8 July to Sunday 16 July.