Third Force News and SCVO are committed to making all of our materials accessible, including our website.

Tips for making your visit more accessible

If you have difficulty using the pop-out menu to navigate through the site, try using the site map at the bottom of each page.

You can also change your browser settings to a basic view, which will make it easier to tab through the site. For example, in Internet Explorer:

  • Open the ‘View’ menu
  • Select the ‘Page Style’ or ‘Style’ option
  • Select ‘No style’

You can also change the size of the text on the page to aid legibility (“Ctrl +” to increase font size, “Ctrl -” to decrease font), see instructions for different browsers (BBC site opens in a new window).

Our web accessibility policy

The website will work with screen readers. We have a policy of providing alternative text for all images and all hyperlinks on the website should clearly indicate the destination of hyperlinks, both for internal navigation and for external links.

If you experience any difficulty accessing areas of this website please do let us know:

Where possible we will aim to adjust our website to improve your experience. If this is not possible we are happy to provide you with resources in an alternative format.