Poll: should more charities merge?

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Is bigger always better – or should charities be small and nimble?

There’s a debate going on in the third sector: to merge or not. Recently a leading think tank suggested more should merge in order to achieve their charitable purposes.

Merging would serve a range of functions – in fundraising terms it could clear the field where you have a myriad of charities campaigning on the same cause.

Perhaps more significantly, merging – in whole or in part – could bring significant savings as charities operate in increasingly fraught financial terrain.

It has also been argued that this could help to protect vital frontline staff and services.

However, it has also been claimed that retaining a separate identity maintains diversity in the third sector eco-system, and make charities better at meeting specialised need.

That’s why we’re asking: what do you think? Should more charities merge?

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4th May 2018 by Graham Martin 3 Comments

Should more charities merge?

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Should more charities merge?

4th May 2018 by John

I voted yes as I think it can make sense in todays financial climate but shouldn't be at the detriment of those the charities serve.

4th May 2018 by Isobel Hunter

Question is too simplistic. Generally, in practice, merger means that the smaller simply disappears. The larger the organisation the less individual the service which is a factor in many of the problems with vulnerable people being reduced to a number / case/ time allocated

8th May 2018 by Ewen Rennie

Many little charities were found in memory of a single person - while they may do well initially a merger after a period of time would be beneficial