Should pavement parking be made illegal?


London has outlawed parking on the pavement as it restricts access, especially for disabled people. Should Scotland follow suit? 

26th June 2015 by Robert Armour 3 Comments

Should pavement parking be made illegal?

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Should pavement parking be made illegal?

Guide Dogs has create a show and shame map of reckless pavement parkers across the UK – encouraging the public to take pictures of cars obstructing access for blind and partially sighted people.

Thoughtless parking has become a thorny issue for people with sight problems. Often cars on pavements forces them onto the road into traffic and harm’s way.

London has gone one further however and banned pavement parking in entirety.

Those found to breach the law are simply towed away.

Should we enact something similar in Scotland to put an end to the problem once and for all… should pavement parking be made illegal?   

1st July 2015 by Claire Stevens

My local street is blighted by pavement parking by commuters, right next to a hospital and including right up to a pedestrian crossing. As a community we have been campaigning for action on this but the hands of the Council and Police hands are tied as it's not illegal, only anti-social! Supporting Living Streets' campaign and Sandra White MSP's Private Members Bill to outlaw irresponsible parking is our best way forward.

29th December 2015 by kerry

people who do this, have no mind for any body else, they should only be a loud to park on pavements if it is a drive way, why should we all suffer because they park on the pavement and make it hard and dangerous for every body. make it illegal all over england, why not make new jobs for people to go round hot spots and fine them, that will bring more money in for the country, i,m sick of seeing it in my area, and all the grass plowed up its a mess, come on do something about this problem before some one gets killed.

5th November 2018 by Charles Hutchison

I thought this was going to be a law from oor Government. ??