Should the Scottish Parliament ban fracking?

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TFN poll: should Holyrood ban fracking?

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2nd June 2016 by Graham Martin 3 Comments

Should the Scottish Parliament ban fracking?

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Should the Scottish Parliament ban fracking?

Calls have been made for the Scottish Parliament to ban fracking.

MSPs voted to end the controversial practice this week - but the decision is non-binding.

This means that Scotland still faces the prospect of being subjected to the controversial energy extraction process – despite MSPs voting to forbid it.

A charged session of the Scottish Parliament this week saw politicians vote for an outright ban – but the minority SNP government is not compelled to act.

It came about after Labour forced a vote on the gas extraction technology – which opponents claim causes huge environmental damage.

The SNP – which supports a moratorium rather than an outright ban – abstained, leaving the pro-ban Labour, Green and LibDems to out gun the pro-fracking Tories by 32 to 29.

Nationalists have said a ban could stray into legislative territory reserved to Westminster, which could leave the Scottish Government open to a legal challenge, and thus pave the way for fracking firms.

The SNP – which included opposition to fracking in its recent Holyrood manifesto – also says it is conducting thorough research into the issue.

However, the Scottish Greens and Friends of the Earth Scotland insist the Scottish Parliament could introduce a complete ban on the technique.

So that's why we're asking: should the Scottish Parliament ban fracking?

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4th June 2016 by Russell Morton

What is the point of holding any vote that is non-binding. As the majority of MSP's voted against fracking why are their votes meaningless. What is the point of having a parliament where votes are ignored?

5th June 2016 by Yetypu

Scotland has plenty of people experienced in fraccing, in Aberdeen & facing an uncertain employment. Scotland has decades of offshore fraccing experience.The vote was a silly exercise in DebSoc politics. 32 votes is only a quarter of MSPs - it signifies nothing.

12th June 2016 by D Wright

Why can we not benefit from the wealth of information and experience of other countries and the terrible outcomes ahead using fracking. Scottish Water is a valuable commodity as well as its uses in making our quality Whisky. That's just the possible effects on our water. We are using money on a moratorium that can better be used on our valuable services more specifically supporting vulnerable groups that are fast growing in our current society. Stop Fracking NOW!