TFN poll: should prisoners be allowed to vote?

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MSPs have discussed the prospect of allowing prisoners to vote in Scottish elections.

Convicted prisoners have been prevented from voting in elections in the UK despite a series of legal challenges.

This had previously been an issue for Westminster, but with Holyrood taking on new powers over the administration of elections north of the border, MSPs are examiining the matter.

Figures from the Scottish Green party and the Scottish Liberal Democrats are in favour of giving prisoners the vote.

The Prison Reform Trust charity submitted a paper to Holyrood outlining "a clear and unambiguous case for reform", saying that "voting is not a privilege, it is a basic human right".

What do you think? Should prisoners be allowed to vote? 

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8th September 2017 by Graham Martin 2 Comments

Should prisoners be allowed to vote?

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Should prisoners be allowed to vote?

12th September 2017 by Billy Mitchell

People convicted of crime and sentenced to a term in prison have committed a serious crime or over a period of time committed numerous crimes and prison is seen as the ONLY alternative left. Within prison people are given everything required to live (and live well) and many accept and work through rehabilitation. By committing crime they have given up certain rights. The right of freedom and the right, for that period of time, the right to vote. They have in fact excluded themselves from being part of what is 'their right' Crime is an option NOT a right - how many people have they thought of while committing the crime? Have they included others 'rights'? Prison is a last resort and we are correct in excluding those within from voting.

6th December 2018 by Peter Le Riche

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