EXCLUSIVE: Outrage as Cameron and Duncan Smith exposed as patrons of disability charity

David cameron

​Petition nears 15,000 signatures demanding top Tories resign honoury roles 

22nd March 2016 by Robert Armour 13 Comments

Pressure is mounting on David Cameron and Iain Duncan Smith to resign as patrons of the disability charity Motability as an online petition reached nearly 15,000 signatures.

Campaigners are calling on both Tories to step down from their honorary roles because of their involvement in the UK government’s welfare cuts agenda which has seen thousands of disabled people forced into work or have their benefits cut.

Motability, an independent charity, enables disabled people to use their government-funded mobility allowance to lease a new car, scooter or powered wheelchair.

Since the scheme was set up in 1978, it has helped over four million people get mobile with a new vehicle.

But the introduction of the new personal independent payments (PIP) implemented by Cameron and Duncan Smith means thousands no longer qualify for the scheme with many left without access to transport.

The Change.org petition, created by Richard Eastell, calls on Declan Mahoney, the chief executive of Motability, to remove Cameron and Duncan Smith as patrons immediately.

It states: “Both David Cameron and Iain Duncan Smith, in their roles as elected MPs and members of the Conservative Party have done, and are still doing, everything in their power to remove Motability vehicles from sick and disabled people who really need them to maintain their mobility and independence. 

These two men have set about to systematically destroy the lives of the sick and disabled

“We consider it to be hypocritical in the extreme and in very poor taste that these two politicians should be patrons of a charity designed to give people freedom and independence while, at the same time, attempting to remove that same freedom and independence by making it harder to qualify for the benefits required to participate in the Motability scheme.”

Sara West, one of the petitioners, commented: "Conservatives are stripping the poor of dignity and much needed financial help...it is hypocrisy for them to remain as patrons of a charitable organisation when they hate the people so much they would rather see them driven to depths of despair.”

And Mikaela Wright stated: “These two men have set about to systematically destroy the lives of the sick and disabled. To continue to have them as Patrons of Motability would be obscene.” 

Nick Clegg, the former deputy prime minister, is also listed as a patron.  

Iain Duncan Smith resigned last week as minister for work and pensions over the proposal to slash £4.4bn off the PIP budget.

He has been replaced by Stephen Crabb.

Motability have yet to respond to a request to comment. 

22nd March 2016 by Mary Bain

It's a disgrace that these men are patrons of this Charity.they have abused their knowledge of the clients to reduce benefits.

23rd March 2016 by Anne wills

Hypocrytical men who get every penny they need

23rd March 2016 by caryl thatcher

this is why its been so easy for them to force so many,that should be on it,off this scheme...its been a systamatic dismantling of one of the most needed charities....they have sunk so low its unhumane and vile

23rd March 2016 by don kinch

How disappointing? How cynical? How hypocritical? How insincere? I have run out of words to describe the behaviour of these people who I wonder how they manage to kiss their children and sleep at nights. They really are out of this world.

23rd March 2016 by steve smart

being a patron is just a front/facade for cameron.. as is his job as the PM

23rd March 2016 by Ian Grigor

beyond words

23rd March 2016 by colin wills

Hypocritical,cynical,vile and totally out of touch with those they are supposed to be representing. They should be removed as patrons immediately.

23rd March 2016 by frank Robertson

These people if you can call them that, this is just a load of spin to make them looks good they might as well have adolf hitler and Jimmy Saville as patrons

24th March 2016 by mbutcher38@hotmail.co.uk

disgusted more and more with these tories

24th March 2016 by William Riggott

This is disgraceful of the Tories just thinking of them selfless

25th March 2016 by amanda

What a disgrace for these two men to infiltrate a disabled charity only to start to rip everything to bits what they stand for. Resign now...

25th March 2016 by Yvonne

Shouldn't Motability have removed them when these two evil politicians started their destruction on disability benefits

22nd June 2016 by M willis

The real disgrace is that Motability is a monopoly who make more than £200m per year out of disabled people after paying their CEO and Directors millions. It is time that this gravy train is ended.